FMI + Autodesk: Project Restart Strategies for Getting Back to Work


With the important goal of ensuring safe jobsites and preventing COVID-19 transmission, many construction projects nationwide are shuttered. Construction teams and individuals alike must adhere to quarantine rules and manage “stay at home” guidelines that impact all aspects of life on a global scale. Even if your projects were not stopped–all work will now be impacted by supply chain issues, inspection delays, changing client expectations, and other unprecedented challenges. With social distancing and work restrictions still in place for many parts of the world, construction teams are exploring new ways of working, enhancing their adoption of digital platforms, and connecting all stakeholders and workflows on a scale like never before.

In this on-demand webinar, construction leaders will have an opportunity to:

  • Discuss how implementing a digital platform for collaboration may reduce risk and allow some aspects of construction to continue
  • Review a framework for leading your organization through COVID-19
  • Examine “restart strategy” guidelines for projects that require a restart
  • Review factors to consider for "essential" projects that are still operating
  • Explore which cash flow, billings and cost considerations will financially impact the current economic environment on projects and work in progress
  • Understand the impact to the supply chain and how to conduct collaborative conversations to drive action and results
4 months agoMay 12, 2020
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